“My Haley is a brilliant writer. THE TREASON OF MARY LOUVESTRE is a fascinating historical novel that captures the bravery of an unheralded heroine. This is a page turner that will make a great movie.”

—William Gladstone, international bestselling author ofThe Twelve and The Power of the Twelve.

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My Haley has populated this crucial chapter of American history with a fascinating cast of characters, especially a slave woman who risked everything to spy for and help save the Union. Touched by the creative energy of a gifted story teller, Mary Louvestre walks through the pages of this book much as she journeyed along treacherous back roads to the nation’s capital.

—Paul Clancy, bestselling author of Ironclad, The Epic Battle, Calamitous Loss and Historic Recovery of the USS Monitor, columnist of The Virginian Pilot

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I was invited to read a review copy of The Treason of Mary Louvestre and was asked forward my comments. My problem was that I got caught up in the story and forgot my assigned task. So, I had to immediately reread it mindful of my task, and I found it as enjoyable during the second reading as the first. It is a real potboiler, full of adventure and dialog, twist and turns of plot, humor and pathos, a likeable heroine and an evil villain. DEFINITELY WHAT ONE WOULD TERM A GOOD READ.

— Hunt Lewis, Hampton Roads Naval Museum Docent

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The Treason of Mary Louvestre by My Haley is a fascinating Civil War-era novel about a middle-aged slave who embarks on a perilous two-hundred-mile journey; she is determined to deliver intelligence about the vulnerabilities of a Confederate battleship to the Union secretary of the navy. The story is loosely based on a real historical character credited with committing acts of espionage against the Confederacy. Dr. Haley is a writer with exceptional talent. I give this novel my highest recommendation. A real page-turner!

Kelvin L. Reed, Author of President Pro Tem

* * * *

 The Treason of Mary Louvestre is a compelling and engaging story. My Haley emerges as a premier novelist. This is a beautifully crafted piece of literature!

—Dr. Neil Kobrin, bestselling author of Emotional Well-Being: Embracing the Gift of Life


The winds of war have blown into the bustling seaport town of Norfolk, Virginia in My Haley’s debut novel of the Civil War south. In richly descriptive language Haley details the lives of the citizens of Norfolk both black and white in a disastrously changing climate. Caught in the crosshairs of this action and goaded by the evil deputy sheriff Elam Gates, the beautiful and talented seamstress Mary Louvestre is presented with an opportunity to commit an act of treason that will dramatically change the outcome of one of the most significant naval battles between the forces of the North and South. This is an important tale very well told by a master story teller.

I recommend it highly.

Eleanor Wilcox, EdD

* * * *

Let me begin by saying that I have read many books, but honestly only finished a few, due to losing interest somewhere before the middle of the book. Not so with this novel, I am proud to say.

The Treason of Mary Louvestre captured my imagination from the very beginning to the very end. To even think that there was such a powerful Kufi wearing character as Mary, a strong willed, educated and gifted slave, in the 1800′s was such a creative fashion seamstress, a community organizer, a healer of the sick, a Spy, etc and held in such high esteem, for her skills and compassion by the majority of white and black folk.

I could not put down the book, although parts of it made me wanna clench my fist in retaliation, other parts just made my heart turn to putty with respect and love. I found it to be culturally and artistically educational piece of work. How eloquently the author described each and every minute detail, from how Mary dyed the fabrics, made medicine from roots/ herbs, her friends who would lay down their lives for her and visa versa.

The determination of Mary to follow her dreams and ambitions, regardless of the cost vs the determination of her oppressors to keep her in her place, at that time kept me glued and anxious to flip to the next page. The unity of the black community, even when laws were written to kill their spirit, yet they stood tall and proudly united. I honestly felt the emotions of each character, the love, the hate, and the struggle slaves freed men and women had to endured just to survive, convinced me that freed slaves were not really free at all.

I’d love to see The Treason of Mary Louvestre on the big screen. My Haley has written a fantastic work of art. I’m looking to read something else new from the Author, My Haley.

—James Vann, Artist/Designer

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  1. The resilience of the black community even in the worst of circumstances is the stuff that great movies are made of! 12 YEARS A SLAVE just won an Oscar for best film; THE TREASON OF MARY LOUVRESTRE has terrific potential.

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